Country Joe McDonald chante en 1971 une chanson hallucinée. L’auto-stoppeur qu’il a pris dans sa voiture ne dit pas qui il est, il est étrange, et lui dit juste : « Tiens bon, ça vient, tiens bon, c’est tout près, tiens bon c’est presque là… » Peut-être est-ce le Christ lui-même, car voilà Country Joe qui parle toutes les langues comme s’il était devenu un apôtre. Le voilà redevenu enfant et retraçant tout son chemin jusqu’à l’âge d’homme, ses amis se rassemblent autour de lui, et l’on défait ce qui avait été fait. Et avant qu’il ait pu comprendre ce qui arrivait, le mystérieux voyageur a disparu. « Tiens bon, ça vient… »


Picked up a hitchhiker the other day,
He said he wasn’t going far.
He looked so strange I couldn’t help myself,
I asked, « Please, tell me who you are. »
But he smiled politely and lit a cigarette,
The smoke seemed to cast a spell.
What happened next I don’t understand,
Yet it was so strange I can hardly tell.

Chorus :
He said, hold on it’s coming
He said, hold on it’s very near
He said, hold on it’s coming
He said, hold on it’s almost here.

My mind seemed to spin, my hands began to tremble,
I began talking in tongues.
Well I looked over and his eyes seemed to glow,
It was like looking at the sun.
Well I told him everything in just a few moments
As if we had stopped time.
Well I felt the great light just as if I were floating,
It was truly blowing my mind.


And then I was suddenly a child again
Holding my father’s hand
And I watched it from the beginning
As I grew from child to man.
My friends all came and gathered round me once more,
We undid what was done,
And when it was over I was driving down the road
I looked around and he was gone.


Hold on it’s coming
He said, hold on it’s very near
He said, hold on it’s coming…