L’argent suit son propre chemin. L’argent doit pousser. Il pousse sur le sang et les os des humains. N’importe quel enfant sait cela. C’est ce que chante ici la doyenne du folksong, Malvina Reynolds, dans une de ses nombreuses chansons.


Well, money has its own way,
And money has to grow.
It grows on human blood and bone,
As any child would know.
It’s iron stuff and paper stuff
With no life of its own,
And so it takes its growing sap
From human blood and bone.

And many a child goes hungering
Because the wage is low,
And men die on the battlefield
To make the money grow.
And those that take the money crop
Are avid without end,
They plant it in the tenements
To make it grow again.

The little that they leave for us,
It cannot be a seed.
We spend it for the shoddy clothes
And every daily need.
We spend it in a minute,
In an hour it is gone,
To find its way to grow again
On human blood and bone,
Blood and bone.