Patrick Sky propose ici une chanson bien dans la manière de la Folk Revival du début des années 60, quand tous les jeunes folksingers voulaient avoir leur propre chanson d’errance et de départ, de route et d’adieux.


I’ve damn near walked this world around,
Another city, another town,
Another friend to say goodbye,
Another girl to sit and cry.

And it’s many a mile I’ve spent on this road,
It’s many a mile I have gone

Well, there was one, who knew me best,
You know she gave my poor heart rest;
She was my world, my heart, my dear,
And now she’s gone to God knows where.


I’ve seen your towns, they’re all the same,
The only difference is in a name;
The only home I ever knowed,
Was a suitcase and the open road.


So I fill my glasses up to the brim,
And through my glass my world looks dim;
But I know outside there’s a light somewhere,
Maybe my rambling will get me there.


It’s many a mile I’ve spent on this road,
And It’s many a mile I will go